CMS - my brief history

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For years now I am interested in internet development. Since I was a young student given 20 MB of webspace I dabbled in HTML and JavaScript, and since then CSS, MySQL, Ruby and little a bit of PHP as well.

My first web page was programmed using HTML-Frames - ohhh my god! What a shame thinking of it. Later the site was done with floating CSS boxes. I even programmed a simple album which dynamically loaded image files via PHP and put them in HTML-frames, JavaScript was used for the communication between frames.

The next logic step was to rent my own webspace, and my university did not want the vulnerability of dynamic PHP. With this upgrade I befriended myself with FTP and linux and really felt like a geek (in my own rights). I am far away from being a geek but know my way around code and tech.

CMS was the new star at the horizon, the whole idea of seperating content from design.... mind blowing! Today this is standard.
[the next new thing is headless]


I started out with Joomla and Wordpress and enjoyed both of them altough I still find joomla very confusing.

For some time I hosted a message board, first phpBB and then simplemachines - some friends joined and we posted some stuff.

As a reminder: this was when myspace was the new shit in germany and studiVZ just started, facebook might have been out then but not very popular.

My experience brought me to the point where friends asked me to be the admin of a club page. This page was mostly informational but visited by a almost whole town once a year. I agreed and set up a new site with the CMS modx and banned the old HTML frames and waving java images to create a fully dynamic and modern web page.

At that time internet law turned on message board admins and content provider so the club never decided to do something more open but just post some news. The job as an admin became boring as hell and I lost interest since no one was bothered to take up part in posting some more, making use of the features of a CMS with different roles.

I was happy when another guy showed interest and took over. The site now looks great, does a lot of facebook stuff and sometimes even a bit too much for my liking and interpretation of the law but it is visited and 'liked' a lot - well done!


The next big step was using rails and doing a bit of programming ruby. I set up our wedding page in two languages and later created a project to print/create pdf files with different excercises. Rails is great but doing the whole thing from scratch was way too much.


Now I am dabbeling in moodle and drupal. The later definitly will get a post for itself... soon.